Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Buy

I wanted an IPod for Christmas. I did not get one, so I went online to get one. I find one at Best Buy and ordered it. I thought I was getting a good deal. Brother-in-law said that I could get one cheaper. We got back online and yes it is cheaper. I call Best Buy to cancel my order. They tell me I can not it is already in progess. I will not get it until after Jan. 2nd, but it is in progess. I called like an hour after I ordered it. I am going to return it to a store when it comes in, but I did have to pay shipping. I ordered the other one and saved 40 bucks. I will never go to Best Buy again online or a store. I really never like the place anyway. I like Circuit City.

I am starting to run again. I want to be in the best shape I can be in for a 10k race in May. I would like to start running all the time and entering races. Landon likes to run as well. He is slow, but he does not stop running once he starts. He is falling asleep on the floor right now. We did not let him nap today. Monday I ran 2 miles, I took Tues. and Wed. off. I biked about 12 miles and ran 2 yesterday then biked home 2.5 miles. I was beat. I only ran a mile today, but I rode the bike again. It is like 70 degrees here, so we have been able to get out more.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!! I hope you and your family have the greatest Christmas and Holiday season ever.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friends and Fun

We had a soccer game today and we won. It was really not a contest. The team we played was really bad. We then had a bonfire for both soccer teams. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being away from school and soccer. I always feel that you have to break bread with people to really connect with people.

Next, one of Kristy's old friends (Kim) came into town. She is on her way back to Michigan. Her and Her mother came in tonight. They arrived late enough for us to enjoy the party at the Bullard's. BTW, the Bullard's are good people. I like good people. Kristy is in Chicago picking up Jason, so I was the host with Landon as the entertainment.

Landon stole the show the entire night. He had all of the soccer players going tonight. He also was the entertainment for Kim tonight.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When is Christmas Break again....

I can't wait. I am so ready for another break. I have so much to do. It will be nice to get some time off. I am hoping to go to the Liberty Bowl since ECU will be in it. They were our adopted team. We are also going to Huntsville for New Year's. We have been planning this for years. We always spent New Year's with Jason Holmes in Atlanta. This is the first year they are close enough that we can all get together. One time we played Risk until the sun came up. It was so much fun.

Soccer is going well. We are the better team a lot of the time, but we just don't know how to play that well yet. We are 4-4, but more importantly we are 2-0 in District. Tuesday we play Alcorn Central so that should be interesting. They are the Wofford of our division. Really bad team. On a sad note, we lost one of our players and I might lose another one. Last night we had a really bad injury. She was my starting center back. The other one might move to Texas or Mexico. I hope that does not happen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

The things that happen when family are around. How is your Job Jason (my brother-in-law)? I got laid off two weeks ago. I am thinking about moving in with you. Come one, come all we are having a ball. I really love my Jason. He is a great guy, and we all get along great. He has lived with us before, and we had no issues at all. He is contemplating his future, and we will support him all the way. He might go back to school, join the air force, or get a job with KC here in Corinth. He is a phenomenal engineer and KC would love to have him.

On another note, we are expecting. Oh not us. Jason's dog Daphne is expecting puppies around Christmas. It is funny because my Father-in-law does not want a dog at all. He is about to be raising puppies. Ha.

Smoked Turkey went well, but it was a little dry. We finished it about 5 hours before we ate, so to keep it warm we put it in the oven on about 180. It was still good, but not as good as I wanted it to be. Let me say the smoked sausage and hot dogs were outstanding. I love my new smoker. I am about to go buy a deep fryer next. My back door grilling system will be complete. I love to cook. Everything esle was really good, but we could have feed 50 homeless people. We had a lot of food.

Tomorrow 32nd Annual Thomas Breakfast. My family is actually going this year. We have not gone in the last couple of years because of family issues. I am glad we are all going again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this year and remember to be thankful for your Lord Jesus Christ who makes all of this possible.

Smoking Turkey

Ok. I feel like a real idiot. I have been busy, but I really just could not figure out how to log back in to my account to post on my blog. I kept entering the wrong email, and then it asked me to start a new blog. I was like I don't want to do that I can't even update the one I got.

The reason I am up right now is that I am smoking a turkey all night. I might try to sleep later, but right now I am having so much fun.

School and Soccer are going well. My soccer team is learning how to play, and we are getting better. I am excited about how we will do the rest of the year. I am also looking forward to a couple of teams that beat us earlier this year. I think we will shock them later this year. It is going to be a fun couple of weeks. We finally got some time off from school. Our first day off since Labor Day. I miss NC. On a similiar note, UNCG's mens team won the Southern conference tournament. They were the 7th seed. They beat Duke last Friday and beat Loyola, MD on tonight to advance to the round of 16 in the NCAA Tournament. It is very exciting for the guys. They have had a tough year, but it has all come together for them now. Keep it up Spartans.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

After That...

I had a inter squad scrimmage today. It was great. One team scored 3 goals and the other team had a bunch of chances. We are really playing well. We need to do well against Oxford Tuesday. That will really tell us where we stand.

After that we drove to Memphis for my only living grandparents 79 birthday. She had a great day. It was neat to see her so happy today. She gets lonely in her nursing home. Unfortunately, that is the best that can be done for her.

After that we went to my sister's house and had a surprise birthday for another one of my sisters. We had Lasagna. It was so good. My family is great and it was good to see everyone. The Birthday girl always gets a call from me a month before her birthday. Years ago, I called her exactly one month before her actual birthday. So now I always try to do that. It is funny.

After that we drove home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to build a champion....

I know how, but I have to make kids want to be champions. I am not so sure we want to be champions. We just want to go through the motions. We won our first game 6-0. I thought this is great, now they will truly believe in me when I tell them something. Wrong Mister!!! I had 11 players out yesterday and 14 today. I mean come on. What gives? I guess I will get their attention another way. Sounds like bench time for some of these girls.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I guess we will see in 4 years....

I never thought I would see it, but we have an African-American for president. I hope he does well, and I hope that nothing bad happens. If something bad does happen, this country could be turned upside down. 98% of African-Americans voted for Obama. I wish that it would have been more about experience than race. I guess we will see how this country is in 4 years. It probably means more taxes for me and more money for people who do not work at all.

We won our soccer game last night 6-0. We played a team that was not that good, but we definitely looked good.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We won State for Cross Country yesterday. We won both the girls and boys. It was probably the best trip I have ever been on with a team. The time with them was awesome. I am so glad be home now. I will try to blog more later. I got to run.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

That's my kid...OK...That's my kid...

Busy Busy Week. Soccer everyday to six. I think we r getting better. Rain on Tuesday was crazy. Everything got soaked. The girls are real troopers. They don't complain much at all. Lots of Drama, but that is to be expected. I am really enjoying the ability to teach the game. We are entering week two. I am still going to have tryouts for some girls that are still on Cross Country.

Speaking of CC, we had a meet in Clinton, MS. It was a great weekend. I drove for like 4 hours on Friday and then back on Sat. It gave me time to think or over think about soccer. I really enjoyed it. I will be done with CC next Sat. night. The state meet is the same weekend we start Soccer. This week is ridiculously crazy. I have something going on Tuesday, and Thursday for Soccer. Football Friday and Sat. is our home meet. I will then have practice on Sunday. Craziness.

Funniest Soccer story ever. My brother is coaching his five year old in Southaven. He was a former player and high school soccer coach. He also has a great passion for the game. He is very knowledgeable. Ok to the point. His son gets pushed down by this opposing team's player. The ref calls a hand ball on Owen. My brother is like he would not have hand balled if he was not pushed to the ground. The other coach who is a real jerk, says, he that is my kid, my brother goes well that is my kid. It had to be the greatest come back ever in a game. I was laughing so hard driving up I-55 today. Classic come back.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BBQ, Bikes, and cowBoy Mouth...

We have eaten our fair share of BBQ in the last few days with Hog Wild happening Downtown. It has really been an awesome time. Homecoming wrapped up last night with an impressive win over Rosa Fort. Our Football team is 6-0. Thursday night we had the parade, so Landon and I rode our bikes over to watch it. It was cool I had 4 soccer players in the parade as sweethearts. Landon really liked the band part. After that we had BBQ at the KC Booth at the Cooking contest. It was really good. Landon had Baked Cheetos. It is one of his favorites. He really does not eat anything, so when he does we let him have what he wants.

This morning we rode bikes back to Downtown. It was awesome. I love doing this. I went by to register to vote and Kristy and Landon went to Burrow's Drug store. It is the oldest Drug store in the state. They have great food and milkshakes. After that we went by the BBQ fest again. We talked to all the folks there. Someone tried to buy Landon for a rack of ribs. I told him, he would not want him today. Boy has been in a mood. We then went to the Children's consignment store. They were happy to see us. We bought a train table and a outdoor car for Landon, chalk board, and some shoes. We also put him on a bike and he really tried to push the pedals. He is ready to ride. We might have to go by there more often. I am going to get Landon a big play set for the backyard, and I think Christmas could be done.

Tonight we are going to see Cowboy Mouth. They are a band from our college days. It was funny all the 30 to 40 somethings are really excited about seeing them tonight. I know we are.

Tomorrow Church at Grandma's and soccer and then Golf maybe.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homecoming week 2008

So our yard almost got rolled Sunday night, because everyone loves Coach Thomas. Last night about 20 kids walked by the house at Midnight. We have placed Beefcake in the front yard at night. He is barking at everything. Our neighbors dog is also a good barker. It is weird how much they put into Homecoming here. Every night this week they are working on floats and getting ready for the parade.

Only three more days before the weekend. Hope my yard does not get rolled.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When to call the cops...

It is interesting that so much can happen in a small town, but there is never anything to do. I am a so what light sleeper ever since Landon was born. I was not always this way. We were awakened last night to loud music and yelling kids. Our neighbor decided to have a big part last night. I don't think it was him, it was just his kids. At 1 am. I finally called the cops. I could not sleep and knew that this would ruin me today. It has. I am dead tired. The cops came and the party ended shortly after that. It was funny to watch their reaction when the cops arrived. Hey the Cops are here. I think our neighbor came out after that, we did not think he was home.

This morning we went on a bike ride downtown. We pasted several churches and even got into to some rough areas of town. We heard church bells as we rode. It was nice to have cool air running through our hair. Landon had a blast. We get to see so much more of the town this way. People always say they see us riding. We only went for 30 minutes. I got to play soccer at 2, so I did not want to wear my legs out too much.

Homecoming is this week and it is packed. Hog Wild is also this weekend. We are so busy. Shout out to my sister Lacy. I know I do this all time. She is in the blog slump right now. You think mine are funny check out her blog. She has three kids and is the ultimate mom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Football Fever...

Landon sure does have it. Kristy and I both walked about five miles during the game. Landon picked up trash, kicked his soccer ball, talked to girls, met teachers and friends, listened to the band, and tried to play with the big kids. He loved the band and the student section. He was like look people who yell and jump up and down. He was in heaven.

Great game. I was really feeling the Warrior Pride tonight. We were down by a lot in the first half, but came back to have the score 28-24 at halftime. Ripley took the opening kickoff back for a touchdown, and then Corinth steamrolled them. Don't know the final, but it was 59-31 when we left. Go Warriors! Kristy had fun as well. I was able to talk to some of my kids. It is really good to see the kids in this environment.

That is all for now! Have a great Weekend.

Landon is going to the sticks....

Updates on Lando. He is well finally. He has been sick with everything since we have moved. He only went to Daycare twice this week. (Thanks Nana and Pops!). He was the bitter yesterday and today he got bit. He is done there now, we withdrew him today. He starts out in the sticks on Monday. I am hoping this will be better for him. They watch less tv and go outside more. They also have a great way for kids to learn stuff. I hope this is better.

Tonight Football vs. Ripley and then Cross Country tomorrow at Tupelo. I hope we do well. I am sure we will.

That is all for now. It was a great week. God Bless!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Things that are different here...

Please keep in mind we have lived here before, in fact I have always wanted to live here for the longest time. Actually I wanted to live in Walnut, but Kristy did not want us too. I just thought it would be cool to live in Walnut. It is about 20 minutes from here. One thing different is there is prayer in school just not over the loud speakers. Everytime I go to a meeting they are praying, before every game we pray and every team prays together all the time. I have not been exposed to this much prayer in a long time outside of church. This is a really good thing.

It is so slow around here. They make schedules and set times aside to meet and then change it or just show up later than the time, but I am always on time here.

Soccer is really different. U14 is more like U8 in NC. Tonight we got our first win, because I did not put the guy in goal that said he knew how to play goalie, but really did not. He had never used his handsbefore this week. I found this out about half way thru the first game. Next spring I hope that I will be revamping the whole sports plex league. We have had 3 practices and now we have like 14 games and then a tourney. This is not right. The kids need more practice at least one after a first game. The schedule is so bad that they can not practice at all during the week. Enough of that.

Dogs run loose all the time. City ordinance is suppose to enforce it, but good luck with that. I am waiting to get more neighbors in herefrom out of town before I tackle this one.

Runners, Runners everywhere. We live in a neighborhood that has about 20 runners a night go by our house. We are leading the charge biking, but we are way out numbered. I will start running again when my leg feels better (I hurt it running after the Cross Country kids at the meet Sat.). I did ride my bike tonight, and hopefully this will loosen it up a bit. It was awesome. I love biking.

Classes are going well. Kids are really good. I only have about 4 bad kids out of 120. The rest I can control. My classes are definitely unique. I only have 2 more 6 weeks left with them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Suprises...

Nana and pops came by tonight to get Daphne (for those that don't know, my bro-in-law's dog), but they also took Landon until Wed. We won't know what to do with ourselves.

We worked around the house all day. In a few more weeks it will be almost complete. I setup the wireless fence today. Beefcake did not like getting shocked repeatedly. They say that you should train your dog for two weeks. I put it on both dogs and I could leave the gates open. They learned really quick. I thought Beefcake was going to die. I am glad he is contained again. He tore up our beautiful Vinly fence in two spots. Yes I am bitter. We also worked on two rooms in the house today. It was good to get some things done. I grilled out tonight. Let's just say I get better everytime I grill. Kristy and I made her birthday cake. I thought I could do it by myself, but I chickened out. I would have screwed it up.

We did not go to Church today. After I talk to people everyday for 6 days in a row, I don't want to have to talk with a bunch of new people. I know that this is probably an excuse, but it is overwhelming to meet so many new people.

On a side note, I am glad we moved back so I could experience all the pain of being a State fan again. I am pretty sure Landon is going to LSU now. It is almost a done deal. Cross Country was great this weekend. We have a great group. Girls got First and Boys were second. We did not have our top two runners in each group and still did well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Busy...

We are actually going to be home for most of the weekend. CHS football is away, so I don't have to go, but I really want to go. I do have Cross Country at Saltillo, but it is only an hour away. Hope we eat some where quick to get back home. Sunday we will visit another church. I am not sure which one, but we will go some where. We have had about 3 church in-home visits since we have moved here. We have not connected with any of those people. Something is missing, oh yeah it's the river. I should start a how many times I mention the river contest in the blog world.

I had two soccer games this week at night with my U14 team. We are not that good, but we are getting better. We are having to beat kick ball. I thought that this would be absent at this age, but it is not. We are playing great, but not getting the wins. My high school team is practicing hard. The season will be here before we know it. I am anxious about how good we will play.

That is all for now. It seems like my life is getting pretty boring. I might need to add something to it. Not! See ya next time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am so busy...

I am losing my voice because of all this teaching and coaching. My throat really hurts. It was great to see the kids respond positively today to my situation. I have great kids. I would not trade them for the world. Even my really bads ones lead the class today. It was amazing. I was warned about losing my voice and it happened.

On a sad note, we have decided to remove Landon from Daycare. He has been bitten 5 times in 5 weeks. I can't stand it anymore. We don't have a plan right now, but I hope God does. He is such a sweet boy, I am afraid this will change him.

Busy weekend coming up. We are going to a reunion at MSU. Then a Christian Concert at Pickwick with Nana. Landon will be with Nana all weekend. Grandparents are great. We will be home after that for 3 weeks, so we will start looking for a new church again.

Have a great weekend. God Bless!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And that ladies and Gentlemen is why you blog...

Thanks for the update Leimone. If you know Sarah and Brian Leimone, then you know how awesome they are and how they are doing such great things for the Lord. Visit his blog if you get a chance. I know that I will be praying for them. It helps me to know people like that so that I can really think about what I am doing and how I could probably be doing more.

Great news over the last 24 hours. I have gotten one of my players from last year back that I had lost, and I also might have a 7th grader committed to playing this year. She would be an unbelievable addition to our team maybe not this year, but in the future look out. If I get my girl back from IMG, I will be golden in Jan. Bad news! I had a meeting with all the Jr. High parents tonight, but I did not have great turn out for this meeting. I was hoping for more, and I was disappointed. I did get a chance to network with some people tonight, and it was really awesome. I enjoy talking to people that know what they are doing and are not afraid to buck the system for a child's gain. It has been a challenge for Kristy and I to go with the norm here at our jobs. It seems people do just enough to get by on occasion.

Continue to pray that we will get adjusted here. It is really hard on both of us right now.
Until next time, God Bless.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Your working too hard if you can't blog....

Alright Leimone you got to make time for the blog thingy. I know your busy and all, but a lot people follow your blog as much as they follow mine to stay in the know about the River and Confluence. Make time to post on your blog. Enough of that. It reminds me of a funny story about when I told Brian I was thinking about starting a blog. The next time I saw people at church they were all asking where my blog was. I was like what are you talking about, and they said they heard I was starting one. I was like great now I get to add that to my hectic life. It has been a good thing though.

Big weekend here, Saw MSU in Starkville. Met my brother at my favorite store TJ Maxx, and his favorite Books a Million. We all rode down together to save some gas. It was great. We then drove to Hernando to see my new niece. She has got to be the best baby. Sleeps all the time. It is crazy. Stayed the night at her house. Helped her as much as we could. I hope we did not bother her too much. It was great to just be able to do that after years of not being able to do it. We have to go again in a few weeks for my other sister's baby who will be born at that time. We then drove to Pickwick to have dinner with Kristy's parents at the Red Hut. It was ok. Kristy turned 30 today. We let her lay around all day. She was not feeling that great. I got her a bike, so now she can go riding with me and Landon. We are now home, and it is time to start our week again. Another busy week this week and weekend. 6 weeks until the first game.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journal Topics and such....

I have been trying to remember life experiences that happen to me to help with my blog posting. One of those stories has to be the Fleetwood Mac Videotape. My dad loves Fleetwood Mac so much that he recorded a concert off of PBS one day. Once he gets it in his head about something he listens to it or watches like a hundred times or almost everyday. This drives my mom insane. She told me about it, so I asked him if I could borrow it. He did not know how long I would have it, but I kept it for more than 6 months. It got to the put where he was going to literally shoot me. I finally gave it back to him, but I made him think I still left it in NC for almost a whole day. It was one of the greatest pranks I have ever played on anyone.

On another note, My sister had her second Girl today. I don't have a name yet, but the baby weighs about 7 lbs. and 33 ounces (not sure that is right, one happy daddy here told me this) also she was 20 inches long. Congrats goes out to Lisa and Jason and her sister Blayne. What a joy?

I cut my finger so that is all tonight. See ya and God Bless.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bringing Food to a party? and Journal topics????

When will I ever learn how to bring food to get togethers like a family reunion. I should have known that one Watermelon and one veggie tray would be enough. We had so much food. I also got to go to one of my childhood memory places called Enid Lake. It was great to interact with all my extended family. We have about 45 people there, but we were missing about 15. Hopefully next year we can get everyone there. Also it was crazy to see all the hurricane evacuations in North MS. The lake we were at had to open up reserve camping areas that had not been open in years, because of this.

The Cross Country meet went well. We placed third overall for the girl's division out of 31 teams. We also got 5th with the boys. We had the overall girls winner by aoubt a full minute for the Varsity division. In junior varsity we had a 7th grade place 9th. She is going to be awesome. We are a small school and we beat some really good teams that are 6A and 5A. We are considered 3A. We had a great day. Sat. night we went to Nana's but did not get to swim, because the pool broke. The lake was packed. I got to grill out and watch football.

Another Journal topic: When we got to my in-laws house on the first night when we were moving their house had been struck by lightning. This is the second time they have had this happen. It knocked out satellite, washer and dryer, their septic tank, A/C unit, and many more things. I was really upset about losing satellite, but not being able to go #2 was pretty bad too. We went to Lowe's Home Improvement one day, and Kristy and I were like we better use the restroom here. So we did. It was really strange. They did not get it fixed for like 3 weeks. The irony here is that they did not want us to buy a 50 year old house, because of all the problems we would have. I guess they should not have said that.

My in-laws are great, but very strange. One day last Christmas break, right after Landon had started really noticing things like golfers and golf carts, something strange dawned on me. My mom-in-law had curtains up that covered her view to the golf course all throughout the house. We were putting up some seals to her windows to keep out the cool air when we noticed the beautiful view. Now when I go over there, the curtains are always open or I say something.

I still have a lot of journal topics left for all you fans out there. I want to give a shout out to my super sister Lacy. She is a true inspiration in my life and I am so happy I get to see her more now. Love you Lacy. Until next time, God Bless everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Packed Weekend here....

We are going to first Football game tomorrow night. Corinth plays Senatobia. It will be exciting. Landon might not make it since he is sick. Thank goodness for Grandparents! Landon will be home with Nana tomorrow. Sat. I have a Cross Country meet. We will be gone from 6 a. m. until 3 p. m. Kristy and Landon will go swimming at Nana's house. Sunday we have a big family reunion on my side of the family. It will be the first get together for us in over 2 years. Monday I hope to have practice, and then off to swim at Nana's again.

Hope you all have a great week! God Bless.

Btw, I get to wear tennie (sometimes I talk like an elementary teacher) shoes tomorrow. New policy at school.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who said this state is slow?

Could be right, but they could also be dead wrong. I am so busy. I feel just like Ratatouille (sp.). I got 6 straight classes of Health, and I have no break. I don't even have time to go meet the benefit people when they visit our school. I go straight to soccer practice, and then cross country. On top of all that I have morning detention and Lunch duty, because I am a coach. I have time for nothing. It is a challenge.

We are so blessed to be here closer to family, but this is a big time adjustment. We are both dealing with new jobs, new friends, new bosses, and a new work environment (I miss KMS, I so could have worked there). Also, we are both people of change that we don't necessarily conform to the norm. We both want to make things better, because we know they can be better. At the same time we don't want to rattle any feathers. This has got to be the capital of this is how we have always done it.

Today, I got in trouble for wearing tennis shoes with my khakis and polo (which I have to tuck in). Keep in mind I have gotten no faculty hand book about what I can and can not wear. It is ridiculous. It is like I am back in high school. Mom do you really know how many times I had to go see Mr. Bush. Well I have been in high school again for two weeks and I have been to see the principal 3 times. I might be going for a record. The second day I had to tuck my shirt in, because this was how it was going to be. Now I know that these things are professional, but I am the health teacher. Tomorrow we are going on the track to walk during my class. We are discussing exercise right now. I will be wearing dress shoes, but all my kids will have tennis shoes on while they walk.

My soccer team is starting to come around, but it is probably going to be a long season. I lost my star player to IMG academy at the beginning of the year. It is disappointing, but she might come back. I hope. We are not in shape and they are not as talented as I am accustom to, but I will get over it.

Thanks goes out to Brian Leimone for salvaging my Football season tickets. I need to send him a big check or something. Brian just ask and you shall receive it, or I might just send it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Journal Topics

I kept a journal while I was away from the blog world. This will be some of the entries that I would have had if I had internet.

Things like Popeyes. It has to be one of my favorite restaurants ever. I love their spicy chicken and their cajun food. I am so glad that I don't have to drive an hour to Burlington, NC to get it now. If you ever get a chance, stop in and have some of their chicken. It is the best.

Lunch Lady at Camp-Every once in a while, I have a grown man episode in my life. When I was at camp this year, the first week the food was great, but as the camp went on the food was worse. It was a Thursday when they finally had something that I wanted. I am in the entree line, and I ask for two entrees. The lunch lady says you can't get two. It is all you can eat. Not you only get what we want to serve you. She then tells me that I can get an entree and a vegetable. I like what is the point of this. Is it to save time. No, because she is still giving me two of something. It about ruined my day, but I did not let. The funny thing was I guess I talked about it so much that Coach Parker was asking me who told off the lunch lady today. I was like I did not say anything to that lady. I just walked away. He got me good on that one, because I really thought I was in trouble.

The List-A few years ago, I started a list of things that I want to do in my life. Things like go to this game or this sporting event or even this country. Well my older brother is really the only one that has known about the list, until recently. My dad found out about it. He gets so mad when he hears I have been to something and it was on my list. I never forget the phone call I got a couple of months ago, and all he wanted to do was ask me if something was on my list.

I have about 15 other topics to cover, but that is all for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm only one man...

I am now the assistant Cross Country Coach, the head Varsity Girls Soccer coach, and the assistant FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) sponsor. The last part came as a real blessing. The schools around here do not care if you are an athlete or not, they let everyone come. We had this huge rally tonight and I was so happy to finally get to sing all those River Church songs. The only problem was they did not have any projectors, so I was the only one singing really. "Jesus he can move the mountains" I really love that song. Do you ever stop and wonder what other people are thinking about you? I do. I felt like weird, but then I remembered that I was there to honor God and his glory. It felt great after that.

The rest of the night went well, but I do have a slight problem. I don't like it when the speaker begs people to accept Jesus. I am all for people accepting Christ. I know our time on this Earth is limited, but in a room full of believers how many people are we talking about that do not know our lord and savior. Might be all of them, but it seems like we are just talking people into Christ. When he is ready, he will change your life.

On a side note, I miss Joey's preaching. Enough about that. Oh yeah I can't believe I got a brick for Father's day. Women get flowers and guys get bricks. I know we were in the construction business at the time, but I probably would have worn a piece of flair instead of the brick. Just messing with you Joey.

I live in a small town and teach. It took about 8 practices for my soccer team to figure out where I live. I have one girl that lives 4 houses down from me.

Until next time, God Bless!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok. No Really WE'RE BACK....

Unless Bellsouth decides we are not. After about a month, I will finally start blogging again. I know that for some of us this has been very painful, but don't worry we are not alone in this world. So much to write about, where do I start.

How about the story about 6 red bulls and 12 hours later we are in Mississippi? No that one is not good enough.

How about the one where we are moving in and my in-laws show up with a bunch of boxes? I have decided I am not going to talk about things that depress me. At least let us move in before you start bringing us more stuff. And no we have not unpacked completely.

Or how about has anyone seen my charger to the weedeater? I hope the new neighbors don't mine the tall grass on Willow Road in Corinth.

Or maybe this blog should be about Landon's second ear infection? We move here the humidity is higher and Landon has a whole bunch of mosquito bites and an ear infection. He is fine now, but it was rough when he was acting like a newborn. Kristy and I did fine we really got back into the grove of things. One sleeps the other gets up the first time, and then the sleeper has to get up. I was really tired, but I did not take it out on my kids.

Or should it be how things really might be slower over here? I go to my first meeting and I get there like 10 minutes early. You would have thought I was an hour early. It was weird. We started like 30 minutes late. If it was not for a daily bell schedule, class would never start everyday. And it takes for ever to get internet.

Or should it be about something important like finding a new church? If you ever thought you were at a really good church like the River with a really awesome God loving staff, then you were right. We miss it so much. We have visited a church or two here and we are suffering. The first church we went to was referred to us by like 5 different people. It is also the biggest with the biggest most awesome worship center. I want to tell you. I was really disappointed. I am very happy for all the people that go to that church. I really am glad they love it, but it was not for us. The church was packed. They had someone up talking when we arrived about joining a class that was reaching people who were lost. They were begging to fill a 18 person class. At least a 1000 people were there that day. I could talk more, but I really don't want to talk about another church. I really did not want to talk this much about someone's church home. We are going to find a new church to visit this weekend. Pray for us.

We miss the River People so much! We think about all of you guys all the time.
My next post will have to be about my soccer team and school life. BTW, only 172 days of school left this year. I know I am already counting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok. I am back, well kinda.

We are moved in and some what settled. We do not have internet, but I do have it at school. We were going to try to do without for a little while at home, but Kristy can not manage the money without it. So, my posting will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks.

We got here on Sat. morning around 4 a. m. I drove all night (thank you lord for Red Bull). Landon enjoys it more that way, so we try to do it for him. Oh before I forget, we almost had to visit the ER with Landon before we left. Kristy and I were loading the truck. Landon was playing in the driveway. I was watching Landon as he played in front of the truck. Our neighbor behind us came out to talk with us, and then proceeded to do something. We did not really know what he was doing, but we heard a oh shoot! and then we saw a tire coming down the hill towards Landon. I had one of those moments where instead of doing anything about it, I just froze. I was praying the tire did not hit him. It did not, and I was able to go grab him. This tire was flying down the hill. It continued down our drive way and into the street and almost him someone's house. The neighbor was like man I was trying to throw it and hit a tree, but I missed. I was like so mad. I did not say anything to him.

I will have to give you guys more later.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are Moving!!!

Ok, so we are moving right. What am I going to do without internet for like 6 days? Also, No Roadrunner in Corinth, Ms. We have to find someone esle to provide us with Al Gore's Crackpipe. How did that guy get credit for the internet? I mean really. Was it one of those situations where he said I created that. No one esle had any idea what he was talking about. Or was like calling the front seat when you are a kid growing up with a sibling.

Other things I will miss about ND (norte Davidson for those that don't know). Bojangles. Gottaneedahavawanna sweet tea, and cajun chicken biscuits. When I was a travelling regional sales manager, I called the our HR lady to clear this little situation I had. I wanted to eat one for breakfast and charge them for it with my lunch. Then for lunch I would buy my dinner or take a lunch for the day. I would still have two meals a day, but I lowered my food cost by like 6 bucks a day. They approved it. I would have a chicken biscuit and sweet tea like 3 times a week. I also got like employee of the month for coming up with the best money saving idea in the company.

Today I went out and ran some last minute errands. I had to go by Moe's and Qdoba to pick up some burritos in a bowl. I love those 700 to 900 calorie meals. So far, all I got to do is stop going there and ECW and I will lose like 20 lbs. Corinth does not have either burrito place. I already looked I need 2.5 million to own a franchise of Qdoba. Not going to happen.

Ok. Enough for now. I will keep a journal while I am gone just to make sure I don't have writer's block again. Thanks to all the River Church people for making us feel welcome. Confluence is going to do many great things in this community. We had fun tonight got a drink and some ice cream.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Middle of No where, Florida

I made Kristy take a long vacation this year. We started off by going to Atlanta and spending sometime with our Friend Courtney. Landon loved the Children's museum in Atlanta. We grilled out on Sat. night and just hung out in her condo. Sunday morning we got up to leave and head to South Florida. We were going to be catching up with my best friend from College Dr. Drew Dooley. He had been in NYC all weekend celebrating his anniversary. His plane was not landing until 9 or so. We had plenty of time to travel the entire state of Florida and most of Georgia or so we thought. We had been driving for about 6 or so hours and Landon was tired of being in the car. He does well until you get to 6 hour mark then he turns into another child. At this point in the trip we were on the Florida Turnpike, and were very reluctant to stop. Kristy was driving and she decided we could not keep going at this rate with Landon now hysterically crying. She informs me that she is getting off on the next exit. I tried to convince her to wait for the rest stop on the Turnpike, but she had other plans. We pull off at No where, Florida.

We pull Landon out of the car seat and change him. We decide to let him play in the front seat. He loves to pretend drive. Kristy was on the driver side sitting outside the car. I was in the passenger seat and both of us had the doors open. We had been stopped for about 10 minutes when I decided to go into the gas station and get a drink. I get money out of my wallet and shut my door. At this exact moment, Landon had the keys to the car and pushed his favorite button. Yep you guessed it the lock button. Oh did I mention that Kristy had shut the driver door a few minutes before this all happened. Landon was having a blast now, we were locked out, and he was driving in Florida. We tried to get him to unlock the door for about ten minutes. I swear he hit every button except the unlock. Finally we agreed we had to get a locksmith. I go into the gas station and get change from the clerk. This gas station was a real winner. I told her what had happened and she said what are you going to do. I said call a locksmith I guess. She said with what phone. The pay phone out front. She said it did not work. The phone book attached to it was a residential one for No where, Florida. I asked to borrow hers. She said they were not a very good gas station. They did not have one. I asked do you know a locksmith. She said yeah, but they don't work on Sundays. Finally I called 911. I figured that eventually it could be an emergency if he got to hot in the middle of the summer, locked in a car. The police came first and he did not have anything to get into a car. Next the fire department came. Landon was very excited to see the fire truck. He was also very helpful pulling on the unlocking device they used to get into the car. He also made faces at the firemen by sticking his tongue out at him. After about 30 minutes the big break came when Landon moved the car keys into the passenger seat. The fireman pressed the button on the remote. Finally Landon was free.

I go back into the gas station to get my drink and the people at the counter are talking about the incident. I hear them say what kind of parents lock their kid in the car. I said I do. It is not that hard to do. I was too happy to be mean to them at this point. Needless to say we were about an hour and half late getting to see my friend Drew.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Writer's block already

Is it possible to have writer's block? I have thought all day about what would be worthy of the blog or funny or whatever. I have got nothing. If you are looking for something, I got nothing for ya. Nothing.

Alright here is a little something. Things I will miss about North Davidson. It is just redneck enough that I don't stand out. In fact I think I blend in too much. Is that possible?

I am really going to miss East Coast Wings. I mean really miss the wings. For those that know me or don't know me, I love chicken wings. I bet I would weigh 20 lbs. less if they did not exist in this world. I also love the ranch dressing they serve at ECW. I could drink it. No really I could drink it. One day I will get my ideal birthday party. 500 chicken wings, 500 friends, and Ranch. It would be cool if less than 500 showed up, so I could have more wings.

On the move, we shipped off the Hybrid today. It is in route. Can you believe we are only staying here 4 more nights. Kristy might have less time.

One personal note, our friend and my sister-in-law's dad passed away today. He was a huge Bulldog supporter. I really enjoyed talking to him. He had a great passion for Bulldog sports, and was always eager to talk to me about it. He really liked to hang out with me, and I really liked hanging out with him. The Lord took him today, but he made sure that the Dogs had a good sport year for Dr. Wharton. I will miss you Dr. Wharton. There will definitely be a void in my life during the holidays. Visitation could be Thursday night and funeral on Friday. That might take away from the Confluence party. We will just have to see what happens there.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Does your wife like ice cream?

If she does, then give ice cream to your child and it will never be the same for her. Landon is sitting in Kristy's lap right now eating her ice cream. I think she has had 4 bites and Landon has had about fifteen. I also taught Landon the ice cream cheer. I raise my fist and yell Ice Cream. He does the same. I love it. Happy ice cream eating Kristy!

Millions and Millions

Millions of people have requested that I create this blog, so here it is.

A little about me. I am a middle school science and social studies teacher for some school district in Mississippi. I will coach soccer this fall for the Varsity Girls at Corinth High School. I will also coach cross country. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Her name is Kristy Lee. I have one awesome and crazy son Landon. He is 17 months old going on 18 years old. We are moving from Clemmons, NC to Corinth, MS. We love God, Family, and friends.

Today we went to church at the River. It is a great place to go and the people are great. We have never met anyone more crazy than the staff at this church. They truly love people and God. We have had a great worship. I was laughing so hard today at church, I was crying.