Monday, November 30, 2009

Where you going Landon? Part two

I have not asked today, but I am pretty sure he would say the Mountains. We had a great time in the Mountains. It was great to be with family. I know that Landon had fun playing with cousins. Sat. night we were riding back late from being out all night playing and eating pizza, and Landon is talking with Anna Reese. They were talking non-stop and Landon tells Anna Reese to hush he is talking to his Daddy. It was so random, but cute. Thank goodness they had a Nemo at the Aquarium. Are Clown fish hard to come by? I was starting to get worried.

Back to work today and I think Kristy and I were both hit with a ton of bricks. Nothing like the daily grid.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where you going Landon?

Landon has started packing a suitcase and his rescue pack. He then will proceed to the front door. We ask where he is going and he responds with "the Beach". I think I have brain washed my 2 and half year old already. He loves the beach. Tonight he said Beach first, and then work. He knows so much about what is going on. It is really scary. He knows where our house is located and tells me where to turn. I thought he only knew that because of us driving the same route. Today he told me to turn coming back from Pickwick. He is too funny.

Soccer has started and we are 4-1 already this year. We won all three games in the tournament against bigger schools. We are doing well so far this year. This week we play 3 more bigger schools. I would like to win them all, but I doubt it will happen.