Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bringing Food to a party? and Journal topics????

When will I ever learn how to bring food to get togethers like a family reunion. I should have known that one Watermelon and one veggie tray would be enough. We had so much food. I also got to go to one of my childhood memory places called Enid Lake. It was great to interact with all my extended family. We have about 45 people there, but we were missing about 15. Hopefully next year we can get everyone there. Also it was crazy to see all the hurricane evacuations in North MS. The lake we were at had to open up reserve camping areas that had not been open in years, because of this.

The Cross Country meet went well. We placed third overall for the girl's division out of 31 teams. We also got 5th with the boys. We had the overall girls winner by aoubt a full minute for the Varsity division. In junior varsity we had a 7th grade place 9th. She is going to be awesome. We are a small school and we beat some really good teams that are 6A and 5A. We are considered 3A. We had a great day. Sat. night we went to Nana's but did not get to swim, because the pool broke. The lake was packed. I got to grill out and watch football.

Another Journal topic: When we got to my in-laws house on the first night when we were moving their house had been struck by lightning. This is the second time they have had this happen. It knocked out satellite, washer and dryer, their septic tank, A/C unit, and many more things. I was really upset about losing satellite, but not being able to go #2 was pretty bad too. We went to Lowe's Home Improvement one day, and Kristy and I were like we better use the restroom here. So we did. It was really strange. They did not get it fixed for like 3 weeks. The irony here is that they did not want us to buy a 50 year old house, because of all the problems we would have. I guess they should not have said that.

My in-laws are great, but very strange. One day last Christmas break, right after Landon had started really noticing things like golfers and golf carts, something strange dawned on me. My mom-in-law had curtains up that covered her view to the golf course all throughout the house. We were putting up some seals to her windows to keep out the cool air when we noticed the beautiful view. Now when I go over there, the curtains are always open or I say something.

I still have a lot of journal topics left for all you fans out there. I want to give a shout out to my super sister Lacy. She is a true inspiration in my life and I am so happy I get to see her more now. Love you Lacy. Until next time, God Bless everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Packed Weekend here....

We are going to first Football game tomorrow night. Corinth plays Senatobia. It will be exciting. Landon might not make it since he is sick. Thank goodness for Grandparents! Landon will be home with Nana tomorrow. Sat. I have a Cross Country meet. We will be gone from 6 a. m. until 3 p. m. Kristy and Landon will go swimming at Nana's house. Sunday we have a big family reunion on my side of the family. It will be the first get together for us in over 2 years. Monday I hope to have practice, and then off to swim at Nana's again.

Hope you all have a great week! God Bless.

Btw, I get to wear tennie (sometimes I talk like an elementary teacher) shoes tomorrow. New policy at school.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who said this state is slow?

Could be right, but they could also be dead wrong. I am so busy. I feel just like Ratatouille (sp.). I got 6 straight classes of Health, and I have no break. I don't even have time to go meet the benefit people when they visit our school. I go straight to soccer practice, and then cross country. On top of all that I have morning detention and Lunch duty, because I am a coach. I have time for nothing. It is a challenge.

We are so blessed to be here closer to family, but this is a big time adjustment. We are both dealing with new jobs, new friends, new bosses, and a new work environment (I miss KMS, I so could have worked there). Also, we are both people of change that we don't necessarily conform to the norm. We both want to make things better, because we know they can be better. At the same time we don't want to rattle any feathers. This has got to be the capital of this is how we have always done it.

Today, I got in trouble for wearing tennis shoes with my khakis and polo (which I have to tuck in). Keep in mind I have gotten no faculty hand book about what I can and can not wear. It is ridiculous. It is like I am back in high school. Mom do you really know how many times I had to go see Mr. Bush. Well I have been in high school again for two weeks and I have been to see the principal 3 times. I might be going for a record. The second day I had to tuck my shirt in, because this was how it was going to be. Now I know that these things are professional, but I am the health teacher. Tomorrow we are going on the track to walk during my class. We are discussing exercise right now. I will be wearing dress shoes, but all my kids will have tennis shoes on while they walk.

My soccer team is starting to come around, but it is probably going to be a long season. I lost my star player to IMG academy at the beginning of the year. It is disappointing, but she might come back. I hope. We are not in shape and they are not as talented as I am accustom to, but I will get over it.

Thanks goes out to Brian Leimone for salvaging my Football season tickets. I need to send him a big check or something. Brian just ask and you shall receive it, or I might just send it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Journal Topics

I kept a journal while I was away from the blog world. This will be some of the entries that I would have had if I had internet.

Things like Popeyes. It has to be one of my favorite restaurants ever. I love their spicy chicken and their cajun food. I am so glad that I don't have to drive an hour to Burlington, NC to get it now. If you ever get a chance, stop in and have some of their chicken. It is the best.

Lunch Lady at Camp-Every once in a while, I have a grown man episode in my life. When I was at camp this year, the first week the food was great, but as the camp went on the food was worse. It was a Thursday when they finally had something that I wanted. I am in the entree line, and I ask for two entrees. The lunch lady says you can't get two. It is all you can eat. Not you only get what we want to serve you. She then tells me that I can get an entree and a vegetable. I like what is the point of this. Is it to save time. No, because she is still giving me two of something. It about ruined my day, but I did not let. The funny thing was I guess I talked about it so much that Coach Parker was asking me who told off the lunch lady today. I was like I did not say anything to that lady. I just walked away. He got me good on that one, because I really thought I was in trouble.

The List-A few years ago, I started a list of things that I want to do in my life. Things like go to this game or this sporting event or even this country. Well my older brother is really the only one that has known about the list, until recently. My dad found out about it. He gets so mad when he hears I have been to something and it was on my list. I never forget the phone call I got a couple of months ago, and all he wanted to do was ask me if something was on my list.

I have about 15 other topics to cover, but that is all for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm only one man...

I am now the assistant Cross Country Coach, the head Varsity Girls Soccer coach, and the assistant FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) sponsor. The last part came as a real blessing. The schools around here do not care if you are an athlete or not, they let everyone come. We had this huge rally tonight and I was so happy to finally get to sing all those River Church songs. The only problem was they did not have any projectors, so I was the only one singing really. "Jesus he can move the mountains" I really love that song. Do you ever stop and wonder what other people are thinking about you? I do. I felt like weird, but then I remembered that I was there to honor God and his glory. It felt great after that.

The rest of the night went well, but I do have a slight problem. I don't like it when the speaker begs people to accept Jesus. I am all for people accepting Christ. I know our time on this Earth is limited, but in a room full of believers how many people are we talking about that do not know our lord and savior. Might be all of them, but it seems like we are just talking people into Christ. When he is ready, he will change your life.

On a side note, I miss Joey's preaching. Enough about that. Oh yeah I can't believe I got a brick for Father's day. Women get flowers and guys get bricks. I know we were in the construction business at the time, but I probably would have worn a piece of flair instead of the brick. Just messing with you Joey.

I live in a small town and teach. It took about 8 practices for my soccer team to figure out where I live. I have one girl that lives 4 houses down from me.

Until next time, God Bless!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok. No Really WE'RE BACK....

Unless Bellsouth decides we are not. After about a month, I will finally start blogging again. I know that for some of us this has been very painful, but don't worry we are not alone in this world. So much to write about, where do I start.

How about the story about 6 red bulls and 12 hours later we are in Mississippi? No that one is not good enough.

How about the one where we are moving in and my in-laws show up with a bunch of boxes? I have decided I am not going to talk about things that depress me. At least let us move in before you start bringing us more stuff. And no we have not unpacked completely.

Or how about has anyone seen my charger to the weedeater? I hope the new neighbors don't mine the tall grass on Willow Road in Corinth.

Or maybe this blog should be about Landon's second ear infection? We move here the humidity is higher and Landon has a whole bunch of mosquito bites and an ear infection. He is fine now, but it was rough when he was acting like a newborn. Kristy and I did fine we really got back into the grove of things. One sleeps the other gets up the first time, and then the sleeper has to get up. I was really tired, but I did not take it out on my kids.

Or should it be how things really might be slower over here? I go to my first meeting and I get there like 10 minutes early. You would have thought I was an hour early. It was weird. We started like 30 minutes late. If it was not for a daily bell schedule, class would never start everyday. And it takes for ever to get internet.

Or should it be about something important like finding a new church? If you ever thought you were at a really good church like the River with a really awesome God loving staff, then you were right. We miss it so much. We have visited a church or two here and we are suffering. The first church we went to was referred to us by like 5 different people. It is also the biggest with the biggest most awesome worship center. I want to tell you. I was really disappointed. I am very happy for all the people that go to that church. I really am glad they love it, but it was not for us. The church was packed. They had someone up talking when we arrived about joining a class that was reaching people who were lost. They were begging to fill a 18 person class. At least a 1000 people were there that day. I could talk more, but I really don't want to talk about another church. I really did not want to talk this much about someone's church home. We are going to find a new church to visit this weekend. Pray for us.

We miss the River People so much! We think about all of you guys all the time.
My next post will have to be about my soccer team and school life. BTW, only 172 days of school left this year. I know I am already counting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok. I am back, well kinda.

We are moved in and some what settled. We do not have internet, but I do have it at school. We were going to try to do without for a little while at home, but Kristy can not manage the money without it. So, my posting will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks.

We got here on Sat. morning around 4 a. m. I drove all night (thank you lord for Red Bull). Landon enjoys it more that way, so we try to do it for him. Oh before I forget, we almost had to visit the ER with Landon before we left. Kristy and I were loading the truck. Landon was playing in the driveway. I was watching Landon as he played in front of the truck. Our neighbor behind us came out to talk with us, and then proceeded to do something. We did not really know what he was doing, but we heard a oh shoot! and then we saw a tire coming down the hill towards Landon. I had one of those moments where instead of doing anything about it, I just froze. I was praying the tire did not hit him. It did not, and I was able to go grab him. This tire was flying down the hill. It continued down our drive way and into the street and almost him someone's house. The neighbor was like man I was trying to throw it and hit a tree, but I missed. I was like so mad. I did not say anything to him.

I will have to give you guys more later.