Sunday, December 27, 2009

Landon and Christmas...

Landon had a great Christmas. It was basically 4 gifts for Landon and one for everyone esle. He had a great time opening all his gifts. It was nice having him pass all the gifts out to us as we sat in our nice plush chairs. I got excited every time I would open a gift and he would get excited too. Kristy's Brother Jason and his girlfriend came to see us on Tuesday. They had planned to stay until New Year's Eve, but Jason had to go back and work. Landon had a new friend for about 5 days and he loved it. My Mom and Sister came on Sat. and Left late Sunday. Landon was glad to have Aunt Leigh here. He like playing her Wii. She was a real trooper to let him play.

Christmas Day started at 3 am. for me. I got up and put the Turkey in the Smoker. I was glad that I had it ready before everyone ate. I still thought it was a little dry. I should have pulled it off quicker. It was still really good. Kristy's Mom made most of the sides and we all enjoyed a great Christmas dinner. They stayed over at our house a long time and we really enjoyed their company. It is great to be close to both families. I am able to enjoy their good cooking more.

Sat. I made my not so famous Smoked Turkey Chili. It was really good. Also if you put Rotel with Chili and Fritos, it is really good. I am sure I have gained 10 pounds again. One day I will figure out how to not gain so much weight during the Holidays. I did fine with running until about five days ago. I have not ran since. I got to get back to it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taco Night....

Mom would be proud. We had Taco night and it was awesome. I think I had everything. Tostados, hard and soft tacos, and burritos were all on the menu. We had all of the sides as well even guacomole. I am running out of fridge room and we have not even had Christmas Dinner. Almost done with Christmas shopping, we have been out twice today and we are planning a midnight run to Wal-mart. I got to get Kristy her main gift and check on one more thing for Landon. Everyone else is done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love the Holidays....

Today we went shopping. I love to shop. I love to get people gifts. I don't like to spend money, but I love to give gifts. We went to Memphis all day for the third day out of the last four. It was cool. They have this new shopping center out of town. We love going there. We could have stayed later, but we did not. We could have shopped more, but we did not. I don't ever understand how people can shop and be unhappy. I am always happy when I shop for christmas. Why can't people be more happy.

Landon is smarter and smarter everyday. He tells me now that he does not want to, or I can't come over right now. He is killing me.

I went for a run today when Kristy was in the Doctor's office today. It was really cool. I enjoyed the change of scenary. I did not like the fact that My ipod was dead and did not record my run. I had a great run regardless. I got to get back to my old running ways.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Where you going Landon? Part two

I have not asked today, but I am pretty sure he would say the Mountains. We had a great time in the Mountains. It was great to be with family. I know that Landon had fun playing with cousins. Sat. night we were riding back late from being out all night playing and eating pizza, and Landon is talking with Anna Reese. They were talking non-stop and Landon tells Anna Reese to hush he is talking to his Daddy. It was so random, but cute. Thank goodness they had a Nemo at the Aquarium. Are Clown fish hard to come by? I was starting to get worried.

Back to work today and I think Kristy and I were both hit with a ton of bricks. Nothing like the daily grid.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where you going Landon?

Landon has started packing a suitcase and his rescue pack. He then will proceed to the front door. We ask where he is going and he responds with "the Beach". I think I have brain washed my 2 and half year old already. He loves the beach. Tonight he said Beach first, and then work. He knows so much about what is going on. It is really scary. He knows where our house is located and tells me where to turn. I thought he only knew that because of us driving the same route. Today he told me to turn coming back from Pickwick. He is too funny.

Soccer has started and we are 4-1 already this year. We won all three games in the tournament against bigger schools. We are doing well so far this year. This week we play 3 more bigger schools. I would like to win them all, but I doubt it will happen.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Landon is amazing...

I am now able to have conversations with him that I never would have thought possible. HE Corrects me when I say something wrong. He also has to do everything. We changed the sheets tonight and he had to do it. He has to dress himself everyday. I never thought that he would be doing this much stuff at such a young age. He is so smart and eager to learn. We have to give him new challenges to keep him entertained.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The day that I figure out how to handle girl drama, I will have a lot of money. It seems that we will have a hard time learning the team concept.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still enjoying the Garden...

The other day as soon as it got cold I wanted Chili. It was raining pretty hard and getting cold, so I did not want to drive all the way to Kroger. It is sad that I now think driving 5 miles is a long way. It might not be that far. It is probably 3 miles. I will run it one day. This store does not have everything, but they do have good meat. I got the meat, beans for chili, tomatoes for chili, and looked for my chili magic. No Chili magic at this store. I have a lot of spices here, so I know I can make the magic. I start the chili. I brown the meat and cut fresh bell peppers, banana peppers, and Chayenne peppers from the garden to simmer. It is really smelling good. I throw in the beans and tomatoes from the can. I also add fresh tomatoes from the garden. It is really starting to come together. I am going to have a huge pot of chili. I start to add chayenne pepper and chili powder. I do it once and let it simmer and it just seems to be lacking something. I add more. I accidentally add too much trying to find the chili magic. I let it simmer for 25 minutes. It cools a little and I decide to try it. It was so hot. I mean the hottest chili I have ever made. I was worried Kristy would not eat it. I told her it was hot. I had a bowl and put the rest in the fridge. Kristy decided to have fajitas. I had also made those with my fresh peppers. The following night she had the chili. She finished the whole bowl and told me it was the best chili I have ever made. When you refigerate anything that is spicy It seems to blend better. This chili is so good and I am still getting use out of my garden. I can't wait for my garden next year.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confluence Gone?

I can't believe that this economy has claimed another victim. Whenever economists or financial advisers talk about saving money, they talk about cutting out the coffee first. I hope that if it is God's will that Confluence will be back.

Soccer starts Next Monday. I can't wait. I am ready to start training for the season. Cross Country ends in three weeks. I am pretty busy until February and then the baby comes. So I might be busy until my beach trip. I can't wait to go to the Beach again. We are going to Gatlinburg sometime over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I look forward to that.

Take care,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Kristy is pregnant if you have not heard. She is about 19 weeks along. Landon is potty trained. We still live in Corinth for now. First Six weeks is over and I am now at the Junior High. I actually love what I am doing and where I am going. I spent half of my day with Alternative School students and half with Junior High students. I feel like this is where I need to be in school. I would love to have my class setup my way, but oh well. I also have a planning period and athletic period so I am able to prepare. I will try to update more often.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer is gone...Enjoying the last few days...

I can't believe this is my last day off for the year. I need another month and about 5000 more dollars, so I can go on vacation.

Landon is sick today. I was able to hold him last night and get him to go back to sleep. When he is sick, he is so nice. I hope he does not have anything serious. He is so sweet when he is sick. All of his manners come out.

I am now at the Junior High which is more in line with my degree. I will also get a free period. The high school could not give that to me. I had morning detention which was like another class. It will give me the oppurtunity to work on the soccer team more. They need me to be fresh.

This semester should be so much better. Less home football games, so I will probably go to more away games. This will give me a chance to actually watch the game. We also have Volleyball games which I have volunteered to be the game admin. for this season. I won't be disappointed if they don't call me. I did get my star soccer player back for this season. We should be pretty good. I wish I had some of those teams on our schedule that beat us from last year. Some did not want to play us again. I guess they knew a storm was brewing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

How can you divorce?

I am eagerly waiting for the big announcement tonight on Jon and Kate Plus 8. I just can't believe that you can even think about divorce with such a large family. What is wrong with our world? A lot of people think it is ok to get a divorce. I don't. You have to work through the good times and the bad. God did not say that everything would be great all the time in your marriage. People forget their wedding vows too easily. Good times and bad, sickness and in health. Divorce is not an option especially when you have a wonderful family with 8 kids. Wow!!!

I am enjoying my time with Landon. We have fun every day. I tend to do the same things together. Right now we spend a lot of time watching movies, playing trains, and taking naps. We also go to Pickwick, because I want him to be swimming before the end of the summer. I only have one thing to do before school starts in 6 weeks. I got to move classrooms, so I need to work at school tomorrow. I want to get this done, so I will take Landon to school tomorrow. If it does not workout, then I will take him to daycare. We will see.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Tonight we had XC practice. It was fun. I was able to run with the first timers. I don't think many of them will stick it out. The best one was a future 8th grader that is one of my soccer players. She did great. We are both excited about her for next year.

I am looking forward to soccer tomorrow night. I worked on the gear tonight to get it ready. I also have to get the goals moved over and that might take a while. I have about 45 potential girls with 8 to 9 7th graders.

Landon is enjoying his time with Daddy. We had a good day. I got up and ran before Kristy left for work. I got him up and he wanted to play with Trains. We ran around the house with his riding train. We also played with his train table. It was fun. He watched movies after that. We did not do much work today, but take out the trash. We also rolled the trash to and from the street. We cut roses. I limited his time outside today, because we have been outside the whole time he has been out of school.

Tomorrow we have to go on a fact finding mission. I also have a soccer meeting around his naptime here at the house.

We purchased the freezer and washer and dryer all new. It was delivered Saturday. The washer and dryer are so quite. The freezer is great. We just want to be careful to not fill it up. Kristy is taking inventory on everything that goes in it. That way we don't have to hunt for things. Thursday we are planning on going to Memphis to visit family and Costco. No one knows this, but me. I have not called to see if anyone is available. I have to be back by 8 for practice. So I can't stay long.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School is out for the summer

I am so refreshed already. We spent a few days at the beach. No, it was not long enough. It never is long enough. We are thinking about going back. I hope we can work it in before school starts. I might go when school starts back. Who knows?

We all had a great time at the beach. Landon really loved it. Highlights included beautiful weather, Kristy running 3.4 miles with me, I ran another 4.5 after I dropped her off. Other hightlights: Landon loves go carts and Putt Putt. He did not drive, but rode with us. He loved it. I bought shrimp and did a shrimp boil. It was amazing. We rode the Ferry from Fort Morgan to Daulphin Island. Tons of Beach Houses in Fort Morgan. We might go back there. I felt like no one was there this past weekend. It was very easy to get around. I am so ready to go back.

I have spent the day working inside the house. I need to do some yard work outside, but I am trying to get a lot done inside first. I want Kristy to come home and relax from work. Laundry (I know I don't do Laundry), pick up, unpack, clean fridge out have already been done. I am still working on Laundry. We got a robot vacuum cleaner before we left. It is great. Right now it is working three rooms. I will put it on the rest of the house later. It is amazing. Our other one broke, so we decided to try this.

We are about to buy a new washer, dryer, freezer, and patio furniture. We are going to go to this place in Booneville for the patio furniture. They have a lot of great deals. We have a certian amount of money to spend on this. If we have any left over, I don't know what we will do with it. I would love to have a patio tv, but I am probably dreaming.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy day...

I had a very up and down day. I am ready for school to be out. I am also ready to get to practicing. Big news tonight about a girl that will be playing soccer for me. I can't wait to see her play for me.

Students have checked out for the year. All the testing is done and now we only have a final. I need to work hard to their attention about their final. It is going to be a challenge. I think I can do it. I guess all schools have problems, but it seems we have a lot.

8 more days and Landon and I are out for the summer. Yeah!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is it wrong when...

your child goes in his room and shuts his door and then proceeds to take a nap. Landon has done this a couple of times, but today it was funny. I heard him tell the blankey no! and then I went to check on him, he was out. It was great, especially since I am trying to catch up on sleep.

I went to Jackson, MS Thursday night for the State Track meet. We left Corinth at 9 something and got there around 2 a. m. Friday I got an ran for 36 minutes at 8 a. m. It was my fastest 5K, and mile. I was flying. It was good to get out on the road again with just me and the ipod. Last night we got home at 2:30. It was a very long day.

Today, I am babysitting Landon while Kristy works on the bathroom. I will be glad to see it finished. Have a great Weekend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ok. It has been a while...

but I promise to do better. School is ending, and the summer is about to start. I have really enjoyed some parts of this year. I am starting to think this town is growing on me. Yesterday I ran the Coke 10K race and it was awesome. I was able to find someone to run with the whole time. Craig is an awesome parent of one of my players. I really enjoyed talking with him as we ran. We might have to start training together. 740 people ran in the race, and I finished in the middle. I was some what proud of myself. The rain stopped yesterd for 3 hours. The Race started on time which was a miracle. I plan on running more now. I want to get to where I am running every other day or every day. I might enter a 5K up a pickwick in a few weeks, but it will just depend. I might try the run to Wrigley next year or something.

I am rabbling, so I will go. Everyone is doing great here. Landon is a complete joy. I don't know if we should have another child or not. Kristy is shopping at Lowe's today. Big purchase day for the Bathroom Renovation. We are about to buy a Washer, Dryer, Freezer, and maybe a TV, but all of this is separate from the bathroom renovation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What my momma told me?

My momma told me long ago that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. I am applying that to my daily life. It is getting hard. I wish I could say more, but I will listen to my momma.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jon and Kate....

So Jon and Kate were in Memphis. How did I not know this? Someone should have told me. Speaking of Memphis I was there this weekend. I made a big discovery. We are like an hour from the outside of Memphis. They have new shopping there with nice restaurants. I could be eating at Carraba's, BoneFish, Red Robin, and they have a burrito place. It is not Moe's or Qdoba's but it is good. I reminded me of Qdoba. They have a lot of nice shops. One is a Massage Place, so I might have to hook someone up with that. It was a Great Discovery.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life is good...

Did you know those Life is good t-shirts are really soft? I think about that phrase often and I wonder if people really think that. Well, Life is good here today. I was able to start planning my garden today. I was going to use my tiller to work on the soil, but it was not working. It is in the shop now. I have to get it fixed. I spent the entire day at home except for the morning excursion with Landon to Lowe's. He does not like going anywhere, but loves riding in the car. I alos went to the grocery store. I grilled out and watched the tigers play basketball. I was hoping LSU and Memphis would win, but only Memphis was able to pull it out. Life is good.

It was a great day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

No School....

Finally we get no school tomorrow. It is for our basketball team. They are 2 wins away from a State Championship. We have a good chance, but I think the winner of tomorrows game will definitely win it. It snowed this weekend, so I took pictures. It will probably be a long time before we have 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Landon is doing great, but he is still sick all the time. He is saying Yes sir now. It is awesome. I can't get No sir out of him, but I will take what I have. He counts to ten now, and kind of knows his ABC's. He also writes on a chalkboard and says his name, my name, and Pop. He loves his Pop!

Some how I am working for free as a soccer coach at the Sportsplex. I need to get another soccer coaching job. I mean one that pays. I found out this weekend that one of my kid's parents is going to make more money than me coaching a middle school team in Memphis. Now, I would not coach there, but it does bother me. I guess in a way, I work free for the high school too. Tomorrow I am driving down with the guy's soccer coach. We always have fun together. I sure we will again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Busy...

Tonight Kristy and Landon were going to watch a movie together. He ran out of the room into the den to get another movie. Kristy calls for him and he says, "I'm Busy!" I about fell out of my chair. I have been waiting on this one. I know where he got it.

Today was his birthday, he is now 2 years old. I can not believe he has grown up this fast. It is amazing. Time is really flying by with the little dude.

I am on a running program now. It is going really well. I don't like the fact that Dogs are trying to attack me when I run. I ran 4 miles today, non-stop except for when the dog was trying to attack me. I need to learn how to run away from them, but that interrupts my run. I did very well today. I actually increased my pace as I went along. I was able to have a good 400 meter kick today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State Playoffs

I am in Jackson, MS today. I am travelling with the boys team now. I helping them see things during the game. It has been a complete honor to be included with this group of boys and their coaches. We are truly creating a soccer culture in our town. I am so excited about what next year will bring. I really feel like the boys have a chance to win state. If they win today, it will really pave the way to make a run. We play at 5 at St. Andrews.

My girls fell short of the playoffs, but we did have a great season. We just did not know how to play as well as we can. I have a lot of work to do for next year.

Should be a busy spring and summer as I try to increase my soccer knowledge and also improve my team. I am working with a lot of different teams and organizations over the next 9 months.

Landon is growing up so fast. He is starting to really put together sentences now. We can almost understand everything. I am able to talk to him on the phone very well when I am away.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Day!!!

Soccer is winding down. We had a game today. We won against someone who beat us earlier this year! We have won three in a row. Then it was 35 degrees here, so we went and got Ice Cream. I know it is crazy. When it is cold, I want Ice cream. I got a day off. I ready for it. I really can't wait for spring break. I want to go some where. I got to convince Kristy of that.

We are sitting here watching MSU play basketball. It is a great game. I am so happy they are doing well. We are planning a trip to MSU really soon. I just like to go there, so we can eat. Speaking of eating I want some East Coast Wings. I miss that place so bad. I also miss that Mexican Restaurant. I think one day we will go back to that area.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Church

I kind of thought we would go this route when we moved over here. We started last year the same way, so today we went to church. It was a Presbyterian church. We know a lot of people that go there. I enjoyed the service not so sure about the sunday school class. It will be nice to go a couple of times to see if more people come. This church has a lot of children, and a great after school program. What we will do next week about church, but we are going to look for a church.

3 more weeks of soccer left, and I will be glad that it is over. It might be 4 weeks, but I am pretty sure we will be hard pressed to win in the first round of the playoffs. I hope we get to play the first game at home. I don't want to drive all the way to Jackson to get stomped.

Landon has the bedrail now so no more crib. We don't restrict him to much on naps anymore. He pretty much falls asleep when he wants to like today at the table eating. I go in there to check on him and he has been asleep. Kristy had to lay with him last night to get him to sleep.