Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are Moving!!!

Ok, so we are moving right. What am I going to do without internet for like 6 days? Also, No Roadrunner in Corinth, Ms. We have to find someone esle to provide us with Al Gore's Crackpipe. How did that guy get credit for the internet? I mean really. Was it one of those situations where he said I created that. No one esle had any idea what he was talking about. Or was like calling the front seat when you are a kid growing up with a sibling.

Other things I will miss about ND (norte Davidson for those that don't know). Bojangles. Gottaneedahavawanna sweet tea, and cajun chicken biscuits. When I was a travelling regional sales manager, I called the our HR lady to clear this little situation I had. I wanted to eat one for breakfast and charge them for it with my lunch. Then for lunch I would buy my dinner or take a lunch for the day. I would still have two meals a day, but I lowered my food cost by like 6 bucks a day. They approved it. I would have a chicken biscuit and sweet tea like 3 times a week. I also got like employee of the month for coming up with the best money saving idea in the company.

Today I went out and ran some last minute errands. I had to go by Moe's and Qdoba to pick up some burritos in a bowl. I love those 700 to 900 calorie meals. So far, all I got to do is stop going there and ECW and I will lose like 20 lbs. Corinth does not have either burrito place. I already looked I need 2.5 million to own a franchise of Qdoba. Not going to happen.

Ok. Enough for now. I will keep a journal while I am gone just to make sure I don't have writer's block again. Thanks to all the River Church people for making us feel welcome. Confluence is going to do many great things in this community. We had fun tonight got a drink and some ice cream.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Middle of No where, Florida

I made Kristy take a long vacation this year. We started off by going to Atlanta and spending sometime with our Friend Courtney. Landon loved the Children's museum in Atlanta. We grilled out on Sat. night and just hung out in her condo. Sunday morning we got up to leave and head to South Florida. We were going to be catching up with my best friend from College Dr. Drew Dooley. He had been in NYC all weekend celebrating his anniversary. His plane was not landing until 9 or so. We had plenty of time to travel the entire state of Florida and most of Georgia or so we thought. We had been driving for about 6 or so hours and Landon was tired of being in the car. He does well until you get to 6 hour mark then he turns into another child. At this point in the trip we were on the Florida Turnpike, and were very reluctant to stop. Kristy was driving and she decided we could not keep going at this rate with Landon now hysterically crying. She informs me that she is getting off on the next exit. I tried to convince her to wait for the rest stop on the Turnpike, but she had other plans. We pull off at No where, Florida.

We pull Landon out of the car seat and change him. We decide to let him play in the front seat. He loves to pretend drive. Kristy was on the driver side sitting outside the car. I was in the passenger seat and both of us had the doors open. We had been stopped for about 10 minutes when I decided to go into the gas station and get a drink. I get money out of my wallet and shut my door. At this exact moment, Landon had the keys to the car and pushed his favorite button. Yep you guessed it the lock button. Oh did I mention that Kristy had shut the driver door a few minutes before this all happened. Landon was having a blast now, we were locked out, and he was driving in Florida. We tried to get him to unlock the door for about ten minutes. I swear he hit every button except the unlock. Finally we agreed we had to get a locksmith. I go into the gas station and get change from the clerk. This gas station was a real winner. I told her what had happened and she said what are you going to do. I said call a locksmith I guess. She said with what phone. The pay phone out front. She said it did not work. The phone book attached to it was a residential one for No where, Florida. I asked to borrow hers. She said they were not a very good gas station. They did not have one. I asked do you know a locksmith. She said yeah, but they don't work on Sundays. Finally I called 911. I figured that eventually it could be an emergency if he got to hot in the middle of the summer, locked in a car. The police came first and he did not have anything to get into a car. Next the fire department came. Landon was very excited to see the fire truck. He was also very helpful pulling on the unlocking device they used to get into the car. He also made faces at the firemen by sticking his tongue out at him. After about 30 minutes the big break came when Landon moved the car keys into the passenger seat. The fireman pressed the button on the remote. Finally Landon was free.

I go back into the gas station to get my drink and the people at the counter are talking about the incident. I hear them say what kind of parents lock their kid in the car. I said I do. It is not that hard to do. I was too happy to be mean to them at this point. Needless to say we were about an hour and half late getting to see my friend Drew.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Writer's block already

Is it possible to have writer's block? I have thought all day about what would be worthy of the blog or funny or whatever. I have got nothing. If you are looking for something, I got nothing for ya. Nothing.

Alright here is a little something. Things I will miss about North Davidson. It is just redneck enough that I don't stand out. In fact I think I blend in too much. Is that possible?

I am really going to miss East Coast Wings. I mean really miss the wings. For those that know me or don't know me, I love chicken wings. I bet I would weigh 20 lbs. less if they did not exist in this world. I also love the ranch dressing they serve at ECW. I could drink it. No really I could drink it. One day I will get my ideal birthday party. 500 chicken wings, 500 friends, and Ranch. It would be cool if less than 500 showed up, so I could have more wings.

On the move, we shipped off the Hybrid today. It is in route. Can you believe we are only staying here 4 more nights. Kristy might have less time.

One personal note, our friend and my sister-in-law's dad passed away today. He was a huge Bulldog supporter. I really enjoyed talking to him. He had a great passion for Bulldog sports, and was always eager to talk to me about it. He really liked to hang out with me, and I really liked hanging out with him. The Lord took him today, but he made sure that the Dogs had a good sport year for Dr. Wharton. I will miss you Dr. Wharton. There will definitely be a void in my life during the holidays. Visitation could be Thursday night and funeral on Friday. That might take away from the Confluence party. We will just have to see what happens there.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Does your wife like ice cream?

If she does, then give ice cream to your child and it will never be the same for her. Landon is sitting in Kristy's lap right now eating her ice cream. I think she has had 4 bites and Landon has had about fifteen. I also taught Landon the ice cream cheer. I raise my fist and yell Ice Cream. He does the same. I love it. Happy ice cream eating Kristy!

Millions and Millions

Millions of people have requested that I create this blog, so here it is.

A little about me. I am a middle school science and social studies teacher for some school district in Mississippi. I will coach soccer this fall for the Varsity Girls at Corinth High School. I will also coach cross country. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Her name is Kristy Lee. I have one awesome and crazy son Landon. He is 17 months old going on 18 years old. We are moving from Clemmons, NC to Corinth, MS. We love God, Family, and friends.

Today we went to church at the River. It is a great place to go and the people are great. We have never met anyone more crazy than the staff at this church. They truly love people and God. We have had a great worship. I was laughing so hard today at church, I was crying.