Monday, June 22, 2009

How can you divorce?

I am eagerly waiting for the big announcement tonight on Jon and Kate Plus 8. I just can't believe that you can even think about divorce with such a large family. What is wrong with our world? A lot of people think it is ok to get a divorce. I don't. You have to work through the good times and the bad. God did not say that everything would be great all the time in your marriage. People forget their wedding vows too easily. Good times and bad, sickness and in health. Divorce is not an option especially when you have a wonderful family with 8 kids. Wow!!!

I am enjoying my time with Landon. We have fun every day. I tend to do the same things together. Right now we spend a lot of time watching movies, playing trains, and taking naps. We also go to Pickwick, because I want him to be swimming before the end of the summer. I only have one thing to do before school starts in 6 weeks. I got to move classrooms, so I need to work at school tomorrow. I want to get this done, so I will take Landon to school tomorrow. If it does not workout, then I will take him to daycare. We will see.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Tonight we had XC practice. It was fun. I was able to run with the first timers. I don't think many of them will stick it out. The best one was a future 8th grader that is one of my soccer players. She did great. We are both excited about her for next year.

I am looking forward to soccer tomorrow night. I worked on the gear tonight to get it ready. I also have to get the goals moved over and that might take a while. I have about 45 potential girls with 8 to 9 7th graders.

Landon is enjoying his time with Daddy. We had a good day. I got up and ran before Kristy left for work. I got him up and he wanted to play with Trains. We ran around the house with his riding train. We also played with his train table. It was fun. He watched movies after that. We did not do much work today, but take out the trash. We also rolled the trash to and from the street. We cut roses. I limited his time outside today, because we have been outside the whole time he has been out of school.

Tomorrow we have to go on a fact finding mission. I also have a soccer meeting around his naptime here at the house.

We purchased the freezer and washer and dryer all new. It was delivered Saturday. The washer and dryer are so quite. The freezer is great. We just want to be careful to not fill it up. Kristy is taking inventory on everything that goes in it. That way we don't have to hunt for things. Thursday we are planning on going to Memphis to visit family and Costco. No one knows this, but me. I have not called to see if anyone is available. I have to be back by 8 for practice. So I can't stay long.