Saturday, October 11, 2008

That's my kid...OK...That's my kid...

Busy Busy Week. Soccer everyday to six. I think we r getting better. Rain on Tuesday was crazy. Everything got soaked. The girls are real troopers. They don't complain much at all. Lots of Drama, but that is to be expected. I am really enjoying the ability to teach the game. We are entering week two. I am still going to have tryouts for some girls that are still on Cross Country.

Speaking of CC, we had a meet in Clinton, MS. It was a great weekend. I drove for like 4 hours on Friday and then back on Sat. It gave me time to think or over think about soccer. I really enjoyed it. I will be done with CC next Sat. night. The state meet is the same weekend we start Soccer. This week is ridiculously crazy. I have something going on Tuesday, and Thursday for Soccer. Football Friday and Sat. is our home meet. I will then have practice on Sunday. Craziness.

Funniest Soccer story ever. My brother is coaching his five year old in Southaven. He was a former player and high school soccer coach. He also has a great passion for the game. He is very knowledgeable. Ok to the point. His son gets pushed down by this opposing team's player. The ref calls a hand ball on Owen. My brother is like he would not have hand balled if he was not pushed to the ground. The other coach who is a real jerk, says, he that is my kid, my brother goes well that is my kid. It had to be the greatest come back ever in a game. I was laughing so hard driving up I-55 today. Classic come back.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BBQ, Bikes, and cowBoy Mouth...

We have eaten our fair share of BBQ in the last few days with Hog Wild happening Downtown. It has really been an awesome time. Homecoming wrapped up last night with an impressive win over Rosa Fort. Our Football team is 6-0. Thursday night we had the parade, so Landon and I rode our bikes over to watch it. It was cool I had 4 soccer players in the parade as sweethearts. Landon really liked the band part. After that we had BBQ at the KC Booth at the Cooking contest. It was really good. Landon had Baked Cheetos. It is one of his favorites. He really does not eat anything, so when he does we let him have what he wants.

This morning we rode bikes back to Downtown. It was awesome. I love doing this. I went by to register to vote and Kristy and Landon went to Burrow's Drug store. It is the oldest Drug store in the state. They have great food and milkshakes. After that we went by the BBQ fest again. We talked to all the folks there. Someone tried to buy Landon for a rack of ribs. I told him, he would not want him today. Boy has been in a mood. We then went to the Children's consignment store. They were happy to see us. We bought a train table and a outdoor car for Landon, chalk board, and some shoes. We also put him on a bike and he really tried to push the pedals. He is ready to ride. We might have to go by there more often. I am going to get Landon a big play set for the backyard, and I think Christmas could be done.

Tonight we are going to see Cowboy Mouth. They are a band from our college days. It was funny all the 30 to 40 somethings are really excited about seeing them tonight. I know we are.

Tomorrow Church at Grandma's and soccer and then Golf maybe.