Sunday, December 27, 2009

Landon and Christmas...

Landon had a great Christmas. It was basically 4 gifts for Landon and one for everyone esle. He had a great time opening all his gifts. It was nice having him pass all the gifts out to us as we sat in our nice plush chairs. I got excited every time I would open a gift and he would get excited too. Kristy's Brother Jason and his girlfriend came to see us on Tuesday. They had planned to stay until New Year's Eve, but Jason had to go back and work. Landon had a new friend for about 5 days and he loved it. My Mom and Sister came on Sat. and Left late Sunday. Landon was glad to have Aunt Leigh here. He like playing her Wii. She was a real trooper to let him play.

Christmas Day started at 3 am. for me. I got up and put the Turkey in the Smoker. I was glad that I had it ready before everyone ate. I still thought it was a little dry. I should have pulled it off quicker. It was still really good. Kristy's Mom made most of the sides and we all enjoyed a great Christmas dinner. They stayed over at our house a long time and we really enjoyed their company. It is great to be close to both families. I am able to enjoy their good cooking more.

Sat. I made my not so famous Smoked Turkey Chili. It was really good. Also if you put Rotel with Chili and Fritos, it is really good. I am sure I have gained 10 pounds again. One day I will figure out how to not gain so much weight during the Holidays. I did fine with running until about five days ago. I have not ran since. I got to get back to it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taco Night....

Mom would be proud. We had Taco night and it was awesome. I think I had everything. Tostados, hard and soft tacos, and burritos were all on the menu. We had all of the sides as well even guacomole. I am running out of fridge room and we have not even had Christmas Dinner. Almost done with Christmas shopping, we have been out twice today and we are planning a midnight run to Wal-mart. I got to get Kristy her main gift and check on one more thing for Landon. Everyone else is done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love the Holidays....

Today we went shopping. I love to shop. I love to get people gifts. I don't like to spend money, but I love to give gifts. We went to Memphis all day for the third day out of the last four. It was cool. They have this new shopping center out of town. We love going there. We could have stayed later, but we did not. We could have shopped more, but we did not. I don't ever understand how people can shop and be unhappy. I am always happy when I shop for christmas. Why can't people be more happy.

Landon is smarter and smarter everyday. He tells me now that he does not want to, or I can't come over right now. He is killing me.

I went for a run today when Kristy was in the Doctor's office today. It was really cool. I enjoyed the change of scenary. I did not like the fact that My ipod was dead and did not record my run. I had a great run regardless. I got to get back to my old running ways.