Monday, January 18, 2010

Great day off!

I did not have practice officially today, because we need to heal among other things. We got three practice days left this week and then we play Friday. Schedule is really working out well for us to end the year. That is the good news. Bad news is I lost another player for the rest of the year. That makes four on the year. I lost three this past weekend. We have not been healthy since the first weekend of the season. We are 12-8 and undefeated in Division with a 5-0 record. We could finish the year with a 13-8 regular season. I would be happy with that. I would have loved to play the two makeup games we had scheduled, but oh well. Time to regroup before playoffs. If we win the first game, we can go a long way.

I was able to go and eat at Harold's hamburgers. Good Hole in the wall. They basically have a grill and fryer. You don't order anything esle. It was good. Kristy and I went together. I took Landon to daycare. I was able to get some errands done today. I should have played golf, but it was wet. I ended up running and kicking a soccer ball instead.

I did book the Beach vacation today for June 12 through the 19th. I don't know how this will all workout with the new baby and the World Cup starting that day. I will just have to adjust. I got a penthouse condo from the same rental place and a 10% discount for booking in January. I can't wait to go. Landon asked if it had a pool and then you can swim thru to the other pool. I told him yes. We will be in a different location from last year, but that is fine. It will be like we have never been there. I guess from now on I need to only find condos with swim thru pools. Ha Ha!

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