Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 4th 2010

Were able to see Thomas, Lynne, Steven, and Perry up here at Pickwick Lake. It was so much fun to see them. Landon loves his cousins. He is just in aw of Steven. We went swimming and grilled out that day. They were here too short of a time. They went to Branson, MO, and we went to Hotlanta.

Atlanta was awesome. The first day all we did was eat. We ate a Taco place downtown suggested by Todd Cerda. We ate with Todd and Skip. They are fraternity brothers of mine. Have lived in Atlanta ever since they got out of school at State. For Dinner we called up Kurt and Amanda, and we were staying with Courtney all weekend. We all headed off to Magliano's. We were there for 3 hours. Peyton and Landon were such troopers. This is also the weekend that I really pushed hard on the potty training. Sat. we hung out by the pool. Christian, one of Kristy's co-workers came over. It was a definitely a young crowd at the pool. We did see three other children there. Landon loves the pool. Peyton loves to eat, and sleep. We really had fun. That night I went to Whole Foods for dinner. I love grocery stores like this. It was so good to have fresh food like that on the grill. The Garmin really makes it easy to find things. Sunday we went to the Coke Museum and the aquarium. Those places rock. That night we watched the largest fireworks display in the Southeast in Olympic park. It was awesome. Peyton even enjoyed it. We also were able to get out of downtown and home in like 20 minutes. Courtney was such a great host, we really hated leaving.

I will finish up July tomorrow. What a year it has been.

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