Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been way too long...but this is my story

I have had an amazing last 6 months. Corinth won the State Championship in Boys soccer. It was the start of my whirlwind tour of events. It was Landon's birth day, so I took him with me. It was so cool to spend one on one time with him. Everyone loved having him around. He asked me after we won the game. Do you love your job? It was so awesome.

Next up was the birth of Peyton. He came into the world with a bang. We only saw him for like 30 minutes before he was transferred to the Nicu. He was born without a sternum. After being transferred to Lebonheur, everything worked out according to God's Plan. Check out the website by caring bridge. I am trying to post the link.

Kristy did an amazing job with the birth and the emotional toil after Peyton was born. She is an awesome amazing wife. She is so great with the kids. I am so lucky to have her as my wife.

School ended in May and we waited to go to the Beach after school was out. We normally go as soon as it ends. Before we went no oil had hit Orange Beach or Gulf Shores. We were lucky, fortunate to have both Grandparents to go. We arrived the morning that the oil did. It was a disaster. The beach was covered. I literally cried on the beach. Landon was also sad. We are glad we stayed though, because it cleared up quickly. We were really able to enjoy the beach. We had no waiting at all at restaurants. I played golf with my father in law, we all went to the waterpark together, we rode go-carts, and shopping. It was awesome.

I also accepted a Youth Minister Internship at a local church. I have had the most fun with that this summer. The students are amazing. The time that is involved with that has been a ton. I have enjoyed this summer so much. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve God at our church. It has required a lot of people to help with my kids, so I could be with other people's kids. I will update the next month or so later today.

God is so Great!

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